Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not For Sale - Don't Pay for Mediocrity

As our dreams shift away from leaping tall buildings, running with super speed, and having x-ray vision, we set our sights on a different fantasy. The idea of having such influence and resources that whatever we want can be ours. We eventually want what's not for sale.

At least I know it's true for me. I am happy with living a simple life and having what I need. I think that many of the things people find necessary are excessive. I have found joy at every stage of life. So why do I find myself desiring to procure something that no one is offering for purchase?**<>**

I think it's quite simple. I have a big head. Just like my friends from the comics, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, I think too big for my own good. Those guys have money, too. Is there really anything for sale that they couldn't afford to buy? Absolutely. And that leads me to my next point: when all you care about is what's next, you see too clearly where your powers end.

Bruce Wayne is occasionally seen brooding because he can't buy his family back. He doesn't have enough to feed everyone in the world. Tony Stark was absolutely defenseless because of what he had and who he was. Even people that only care about what they can buy realize someday that it will all come to an end.

The thing I like about the above mentioned heroes is their ability and willingness to reinvent themselves when money is not the answer. True, it takes a pretty big problem to arise for either Bruce or Tony to have to look someplace other than their mad cash. ***The important thing is to realize that solutions can be found without forking over green. ***

Take style for example. Have you ever seen someone in the most immaculate, new, crisp, and yet the most unimaginative outfit walking down the street in a classy neighborhood? Never mind that the pants drape perfectly and the shirt has such an amazing weave that announces it's thread count and walks like an Egyptian. Clashing colors and patterns don't match, or worse, the combination is just utterly unimpressive. He's wearing it with FUBUs for crying out loud!

This weeks solution for obtaining something that's not for sale: be smarter than money.

A well put together outfit will make you look like a million bucks no matter where you shop.

"What about Goodwill?"

It can happen. I'm not going to outright approve it though. Do what you must. The point is, you can walk into one of those stores that says, in so many words, "brand names for less" and walk out with a lot.

This isn't breaking news, but I have heard people are ashamed to do this. But people are also generally ashamed to ask for what they want when it isn't for sale. You having the guts to stay out of the big, well-organized department stores with music that makes you feel successful while some guy tries to sell you a tie for 120 bucks may make you a better person. You'll never know unless you try (and it will only set you back about 15-20 bucks for a trial run).

Spend less time trying to spend and more time making an impression.

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