Monday, May 3, 2010

What's Next?

Okay I totally messed up my whole blogging launch. I should've already posted today.
Don't worry, exciting things happened, tomorrow is going to be epic.

For now, ponder this point, which will be expounded in great detail later:

Why are we so preoccupied with what's next?

A lot of us live in a society where we have a lot of things. We have water to drink and food to eat. We have a place to go to sleep. What more do you need? Stupid question, I know. Where would we be without the following:

Car for road trips
Running water
Credit cards
Blue Ray player
DVD Collection
Credit Card debt

The list goes on.

What more do we need? Some of you may see Blue Ray player and just now realize you need one of those!

Happy marriage? What about kids? Going on vacation, but why not to Buenos Aires? Nice car, but it isn't a Jag! This is broken down to a simple equation:

I am happy, but...

I am happy, but = discontentment

where 'I am happy' = I realize I have what I need and 'but' = that's not enough.

It's hopeless to try to change this thinking. It's written in our code. We're hardwired to think of what's next, what's better -- what's different.

Maybe we should re-direct that line of reasoning. If you're good at something, how can you get better. If you are bad at something, why not improve. Sure you don't know how to iron your shirts properly, are you just going to be content to stay that way?

Next time you see those Blue Ray players on TV (that OLD 40" DLP no doubt), don't get depressed that it's out of your immediate budget, make yourself better. What good is the new quad-core processor when you only type 32 words per minute? Learn to draw before building your Design Software Suite. What good is a luxury car when you can't even drive stick shift (or stay in your own lane for that matter).

All I'm saying is, improve yourself before you improve your equipment.

What will be the next addition to your skill set?

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