Friday, April 30, 2010

A Sign of Good News

Travelers that took to the sea centuries ago purported that the albatross was a sign of good luck. I do not put stock in superstitions, but I would feel pretty good after being at sea for a long time and finally seeing evidence of land up ahead. Even more so if those signs were these incredible eight foot wide birds effortlessly gliding just above the water's surface.

What will be available to you here at The Albatross Railroad will not be tales of sea voyages, or nautical facts, but rather signs that something good is up ahead. You will find that someone else was thinking what you were thinking or that it's okay to wonder things like:

"Why does my colleague's new 27" iMac make my 24" iMac look like a child's toy?"

It's just those sort of things that need to be answered. I don't want to be one of several thousand telling you how to look for your next 0% interest card to make yet another transfer, which full HD monitor to buy for your newly outdated PC, why mindless coupon clipping can't save you money (actually I'm not going to promise I won't talk about that), or why you can't live without 43 folders (just don't ask if you don't already know). I want to see something fresh on the web, so how could I not contribute?

Beyond what I have already said, I will let my posts speak for themselves. You will catch on to the pattern. I hope you find the information useful and entertaining. If you visit and you experience only one or the other, I apologize.

Don't ever think you can't smart aleck your way out of any problem. Hopefully I can show you how.

You can just call me the Albatross,

Accept no substitute