Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project Management

I have a problem: I am a gentleman. Not the Disney kind of gentleman, but the real kind with faults and vices as well as plenty of screw-ups to reflect on.

One symptom of my state is the fact that I don't like finished goods. If I need it, I should build it. My favorite car is the one that doesn't run yet. A home isn't mine until I've torn something apart and put it back together - correctly. To my detriment, I feel this way about people too.

You can imagine my frustration over the years from realizing that people, especially women, don't want to be your project. What is more, I never even really wanted to work so hard. Making another human being into something they are not is almost impossible. I don't want that much responsibility.

So as much as I wish I could keep people from doing things wrong and completely contrary to the way I would do them, I have to let go. I have to realize that everyone is different and everyone has their own traits. Unless someone is blindly walking in front of a train (literally, not figuratively. Sometimes you have to let that freight train hit someone for them to learn) I need to just stand back. And even then, it's really dangerous to jump in front of a train.

Letting go can be cleansing though. I sleep better at night when I'm not trying to devise the master plan that will save my nephews, niece, mother, wife, best childhood friends, sisters and small kitten from themselves. It also gives me more time to focus on improving myself.

After all, who am I to give diet and exercise lectures when I just had a chocolate doughnut and espresso for lunch and haven't been to the gym in two weeks (three?)? Who am I to give new tips on organization when I myself have three unsorted boxes of filing to do?

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